Senior Honors Night

Jenna Thompson, Editor

On Tuesday night, May 23, the senior awards ceremony was held in the Peterman auditorium. There were many award winners throughout the night. This senior class has been very hard working throughout their high school careers not only academically but athletically as well. Throughout the night, there were some laughs, hugs (mainly by Elliot), many smiles, and a few tears. The senior’s emotions were elevated due to their last day being today.

The class of 2017 received many scholarships, totaling up to almost half a million dollars. With this classes average SAT score being 1,103, which is well above the national average of 1,000, it is no surprise that many scholarships were received. Along with scholarships, high levels of academic achievement awards were received by the classes leading figures.


Foreign exchange students have been a large part of our student body this year. With talents ranging from sports interests to beat boxing to the musically inclined, the exchanged student have enhanced Elk Rapids High School in ways no one could ever know. As sad as we are to see them go, they are also sad to let ERHS go. Celia Gomez from Spain says, “I’m sad it (school ending) means I’m close to leaving but I’m happy because I get to sleep in”. I think its safe to say that all students are happy about being able to sleep in, but we will miss all of 2016-2017 exchange students. Thank you all for an amazing fun filled year. 

Many seniors have been enrolled in Elk Rapids Schools since kindergarten, and some joined at a later date. Either way, everyone combined makes the Class of 2017. At the top of the class, the top twelve have an average GPA of 3.85. At the Honors Night, Mr.Travis claimed to be very proud and confident that the students of the Class of 017 will do great things in life, and be very successful.