MSU Percussion Assembly Recap

Jenna Thompson, Magazine Editor

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On Thursday, April 6th Elk Rapids High School received a special visit from the MSU Percussion Ensemble thanks to new band director Mr.Edgerton. The MSU Percussion Ensemble preformed at the end of the school day, along with a joint concert with five of ERHS percussion students at 7:00PM.

Mr.Edgerton graduated from MSU last spring before gaining a position here at ERHS. He was highlighted during the show by assisting in preforming one of his senior showcase songs. He performed this piece with the MSU percussion director. As stated in the special pre show for band students, playing brought back “good memories” for Mr.Edgerton. Other pieces in the show ranged from slow to fast pace, but smiles were seen all around from the interesting musical styles heard. Also, who doesn’t want to get out of class?