Zach VanCompernolle

Max Holeman-Perrin, Yearbook Staff

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Zach has played hockey for the Bay Reps Varsity team since his sophomore year and has been an avid fan of all other sports teams during his high school experience. The thing he cherishes most and will miss about high school is the opportunity to make new friends and lasting memories in everything he is apart of. He is a very influential person in the school and people look up to him, both literally and figuratively, because he is a sturdy six foot six inches. If there was one word to describe his high school experience it would be “moist”. He explained to me that “moist” is a word that means a lot to him because he uses it often to describe stuff that he enjoys. If he has any advice for freshman it would be to “Join sports teams and be social. Don’t go through the motions”.