Isaac Moothart


Emilee Waltz , Yearbook Staff

Many know Isaac Moothart as a track and soccer star, and as a lover of the theater. While these qualities are a large portion of his personality, they aren’t they only things about him. When asked if he has changed over his high school career, he thinks that he hasn’t changed much, although he became much more confident of a person. As a senior, Isaac believes that it’s an exciting feeling, but also can be sad. “There is a beauty to doing things for the last time: you give it your all and really get to enjoy it.” He’s a top ten student, and wants to go on to work for Google or Apple, or get a Master’s degree beforehand. His academics aren’t the highlight of high school though, he said that being in musical was. When asked why that is, Isaac responded, “I made a lot of lasting friendships in Beauty and the Beast, and some people still walk up to me and say ‘You were Lumiere!’.” As a senior this year, Isaac tries to do everything he can with the little free time he has, which he mostly uses to spend with his family. They are the thing he will miss the most after school he says. The last thing Isaac said when asked to describe senior year in three words were: spirit, winning, and beginnings. For this senior, the end of high is just the beginning!