Kayla Lett

Erica Emerson, Yearbook Staff

Kayla Lett is a senior here at Elk Rapids High School and enjoys persevering and understanding things she may have struggled with at first. For example, science. It was her favorite at first, but has inspired her to learn more- “I may even want to go to school for it in the future or take place in a science field.” Which goes to show that something we might not like at first might become our favorite. Her mom is her biggest inspiration in her life- who guides her decisions and “makes her life  positive with a perfect outlook”.  Kayla hopes to base her future around her favorite hobby which is theatre. We all have something that leaves a lasting impact on our lives, and theatre is a prime example. It plays such an important role in her life now which she hopes to bring with her until she’s older.  

One of her biggest inspirations in life is wanting to succeed at things she enjoys. It helps put a positive outlook on even the little things that we might not think of every day. It inspires her to try harder and push through things that may seem difficult, but will always come out positive.