Steven Surowitz

Anthony Eickholt, Yearbook Staff

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I interviewed Steven Surowitz, a high school senior (and my cousin) from Williamsburg. I asked Steven about a topic that I knew he’d be very passionate about; his truck. During this interview I wanted to uncover the true feelings he felt for this truck and how it changed the way he perceived it when he first saw it. When I first asked what he thought of it first, he told me that his dad bought it and he didn’t really think it was cool or interesting at first. “I thought it would just be my dad’s truck and I thought it wasn’t cool” Steven said. But later his dad did end up getting rid of it at some point. As years passed Steven’s dad actually ended up buying the same truck again. When Steven saw it again he completely thought of it differently. He liked it so much now and his dad thought it’d be a cool first truck for him, and then it all came together. Steven has had the truck since the summer of 2014 and has done many things to it. Some modifications include new wheels, exhaust, mirrors, chrome accessories, audio system and more. Steven then said the truck was from California which made it special since it wasn’t badly rusted and helps give the truck more character. “It means alot to me” Steven says. “I don’t know how to explain it, but all the hard work and passion put into it really makes it have significant value”.